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Pastor Willard Brent Teague asks Christians to pray for Cocody Assembly of GOD Church

Pastor Willard Brent Teague, Cocody Assembly of God Church, Cissé Bacongo, FRCIOn his Facebook profile, the Man of God, Pastor Willard Brent Teague, asked Christians to pray for Abidjan-Cocody Assembly of GOD Church: “Urgent prayer request. The Abidjan Cocody Assembly of God Church, one of our largest in the city, has been barricaded by soldiers. The pastors and Christians no longer have access to their church. Please pray that this situation can be resolved and that the Lord will give wisdom to the Assemblies of God leadership”, Pastor Teague said.

As a reminder in November 8th, 2012, the minister Cissé Bacongo, Ivorian Minister of Higher Education, bulldozed the portal and a great part of the wall. With Ordinance No. 4900/2012 of 28/11/2012, the court ordered Cissé Bakongo leaving the site of the Church. But in December 4th 2013, The Minister of Higher Education Cissé Bacongo built a wall on the site of the Church. Cissé Bacongo sent soldiers to hit the Christians and to fire Kalashnikovs in the Church.

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