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ABIDJAN - Laurent AKOUN, an opposition Leader, arrested at the airport, transferred to DST and released

AKOUN, Arrested abd released, Ouattara's Secret Service, DSTLaurent AKOUN, Secretary General and Spokesman of the Ivorian Popular Front (Opposition Party), has been arrested this morning at 08:00, November 23rd, 2013 at the International FHB Airport of Abidjan, as he was heading to France as part of a mission of his political party (FPI) and also for health issues.

With his wife and his daughter, SG Akoun was fulfilling the boarding process for an Air France flight scheduled at 9:30 when Ouattara’s forces arrested him. After a brutal examination, Akoun was taken to Ouattara's Secret Service Headquarters (DST).

President Pascal AFFI N’Guessan, Leader of FPI, sent his collaborators AMANI N’Guessan and GBOAGNON in order to demand the release of his Comrade AKOUN.

Ouattara’s Secret Service released Laurent AKOUN in the afternoon after confiscating his passeport.

In reminder, Laurent AKOUN was sentenced to six months in prison last year, for criticizing Ouattara's mishandling of the human rights violations by government forces in Ivory Coast. Laurent AKOUN was also banned from leaving his town for six months after he serves his 6-month jail sentence. Laurent AKOUN served his six month sentence and his home confinement as it was decided by the authoritarian regime installed in power by France. Currently under no sanction or punishment, Laurent AKOUN was arrested again this morning November 23, 2013 at the airport and released in the afternoon.

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