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 Ouattara's FRCI slaughtered Nahibly campThree pits filled with corpses and visibly constituting mass graves were discovered last Wednesday in Duékoué following information provided by a survivor of the Nahibly massacre . Yesterday Thursday, October 11, 2012, the exhumation of corpses began in the presence of Deputy Prosecutor of Man when it unilaterally interrupted excavations without the other two wells where we saw human skulls  been explored.


It was shortly after 10 o'clock last Thursday, October 11, 2012, the exhumation of corpses thrown into three wells in the vicinity of the water treatment plant in the area "Toh Guei," began in the presence of Deputy Prosecutor Man, Olivier Bouaffou, the Commissioner of Police and the Commander of Brigade Duekoué. Once on the scene, the prosecutor stands apart and UNOCI and organizations defending human rights, including the FIDH. Agents of the municipality requisitioned for the exhumation of the wells can then begin work, safe from "prying eyes". Six bodies are extracted from wells number one. Bodies in a state of advanced putrefaction, but still keep their clothes practically identifiable. Barely forty minutes after the start of excavation operations and against all odds, the Deputy Prosecutor Man stopped the whole operation . Without even the excavations have led to the second and third wells of the first steps in which the first six bodies were discovered.  It is an excited and nervous prosecutor who gives the orders. "Stop it all," he ordered. He asked the police to release everyone from the site to the astonishment of UNOCI and representatives of FIDH. Whom explain with difficulty  this attitude of the man of law. More serious, he asks that the corps be led straight into the cemetery to  be buried .


"We cannot bury the body without beginning the investigation, without even knowing the cause of their death,"  Florent Geel of FIDH was outraged. Whom face to the silence and indifference displayed by the notorious deputy prosecutor of Man contact directly the Minister of Justice to report the facts. And explain how the justice tries to oppose the fact that human rights organizations do their work. The Ministry of Justice said it ordered prosecutor that it responds to the request of the FIDH. Immediately, the Deputy Prosecutor of Man asked that the six bodies eventually be taken to the morgue for conservation. But still does not allow the continuation of the excavations in the other two wells that have hitherto not been "explored". After leaving the scene against their wills, although few witnesses could in the second well three human skulls floating. Clear evidence that these two wells have "contained" corpses of Nahibly massacre . The six bodies were sent to the morgue where everyone ended up. Unfortunately, morgue officials said they did not have the proper equipment for the conservation of these putrefied bodies. Finally, these six bodies, including five men and one woman, are exposed in the yard of the morgue, Pending the arrival of experts coming today from Duekoué.


Suspension of excavation by  the Assistant prosecutor of Man surprised many. And we still wonder about the underlying reasons for this attitude. How can a man of law could oppose the truth? He said he had received orders. Was it done to prevent the truth about the Nahibly massacre to became public ? Clearly yes. Otherwise, how can we understand that the deputy prosecutor prevents exhumation of other bodies in the other two wells practically adjacent to  the first? The Wê had evoked   211 dead and many missing after the madness of July 20. When the government hammered tooth and nail  the number twelve dead. If three mass graves have been discovered, what about those who disappeared and  those who were executed, in the forest according to the witness ?


It is by the voice of the Chief of Staff of the Minister of Justice that the government will speak. While minimizing this discovery, he said that a pathologist will visit the scene and an investigation is opened. Without even mentioning the ongoing excavations at sites suspected of harboring mass graves. In Duekoué  it is the indignation among the people.

Frank Toti

Source: Le Nouveau Courier, 12/10/12


UN WATCH IVORY analysis based on the record on the situation:

Notice here we do not hear about UN experts nor French or any other western medias...And we know why when we add the fact that these killings were done at the presence and with the overseeing of the UN, by the forces of the International recognized president Mr Ouattara . And this so called president is a Burkina Faso national who is an IMF official therefore the representative of the multinationals which have occupied Ivory Coast through the UN occupation . This explains why order was given to this "prosecutor to stop all excavations, since the perpetrators are the multinationals and their representative Mr Ouattara . According to the Breton Woods international immunity act all staff from any international institution are protected from all  be responsible in anything so under this immunity Ouattara forces have license to kills in all impunity on behalf of the multinational represented by the UNOCI. So do not be fooled by the presence of the UN and so on at the scene they are very good at staging..



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