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Assoa Adou FPI spokmanOn Saturday, October 6th, 2012, the French Radio (RFI) announced a UN report stating that a meeting of Gbagbo supporters was held in Takoradi, Ghana, on July 12, 2012 to destabilize Ouattara. This report states that the destabilizing plan received the political and financial support of exiled Gbagbo supporters including Kone Katinan, Gossio Marcel Charles Ble Goude, Damana Pickass, Kore Moses, Nady Bamba.

This meeting was said to have as objective the preparation of a campaign to destabilize Ivory Coast from Ghana in relation with the former military junta of Mali and the jihadists of Ansar Dine.

This report comes in a context marked by the failure of the management of security issues, socio-economic and the refusal of reconciliation by Ouattara’s regime. This regime is therefore facing widespread discontent exacerbated by selective justice and a repression increasingly fierce. Finally, the Security Council has decided a rundown of the UNOCI force for Ouattara to put in place a real national army and restore peace.

This report that makes no mention of the refusal of OUATTARA to go to reconciliation and the gross violations of human rights is in fact to:

§  Save Ouattara’s regime that is in trouble

§  Maintain the number of UNOCI forces in Cote d’Ivoire

§  Put pressure on Ghana to extradite the Ivorian exiles living on its territory

§  Create aggravating circumstances to the detention of President Gbagbo by criminalizing his spokesman, his close allies and his political party by a demonization from economic crimes, violent crimes to destabilization in conjunction with the former junta of Mali and the jihadists of Ansar Dine.

The coarseness, misleading and smoking character of this report put us in the obligation to raise our voice because since the overthrow of Laurent Gbagbo from power in 2000 and the crisis erupted in Côte d'Ivoire in 2002 by Ouattara’s rebels that were coming from Burkina Faso, there is consistency in the production and certification of false against Gbagbo’s regime and the so-called pro-Gbagbo.

Upon the election of President Gbagbo in 2000, a mass grave was made by Ouattara  and assigned to Laurent Gbagbo; images have toured the world.

In 2010, following the second round of presidential elections, the Françafrican network in Cote d'Ivoire produces false results of the second round of presidential elections. The Francafrican media trilogy: France 24, AFP, RFI broadcasted continuously this result then certified by the UN on the proposition of France.

In the midst of post-election crisis, the same network with the same method produces violations of human rights systematically attributed to the regime of President Gbagbo and certified by the United Nations to justify the intervention of the French army and the UNOCI. It was followed by the arrest of President Gbagbo, the installation of Ouattara and the arrest of all senior FPI members in complicity with UNOCI who was in charge of protecting a number of them at Pergola hotel in Abidjan.

To justify in the eyes of the Ghanaian authorities the need to extradite Gbagbo supporters in Ghana, a false conspiracy funded by the Ouattara regime is mounted via a dismal Ghanaian businessman of Nigerian origin, named TAHO TCHICATA to serve as proof. Conspiracy led to the arrest of Colonel Katé in Abidjan and the extradition of Minister Moise Lida Kouassi from Togo. The investigation conducted by the Ghanaian authorities led to the arrest of this evil man.

A self-attack at the border in Noe is organized resulting in the closure of all borders with Ghana with huge socio-economic consequences for the whole of ECOWAS. The village Nougoua on the Ivorian territory where the attackers came from was presented as a Ghanaian village to justify that the attack was from Ghana.

Not satisfied with all these false conspiracies, Interpol is asked to undertake the kidnapping of President Gbagbo’s spokesperson for an alleged economic crime. Ghanaian justice still awaits evidence of this crime. Unable to prove economic crime, he is accused of murder of an old man of 83 years without evidence.

Some Ouattara’s infiltrators said to be Gbagbo supporters who came in Ghana to buy weapons, were arrested by the police and returned to their ivorian partner.

After failing in these previous conspiracies, Ouattara’s regime produces a false meeting in Takoradi in the view to get a fake plot.

For the same reasons the UN representative in Abidjan is sent to Accra Ghana to convince the government of the existence of such a plot whose ramifications goes far to Ansar Dine occupying northern Mali.

When we know the drama that these false, then certified by the UN with the blessing of Françafrican network caused to Cote d'Ivoire, the FPI Coordination cannot remain silent before such a fake.

The people quoted in this report have all denied their political and financial support to the alleged armed operations that would be conducted from Ghana and Liberia.

It is clearly impossible that Gbagbo supporters have accomplished the feat of bringing the former Malian military junta and the jihadiste Ansar Dine in open conflict together for a project to destabilize Ouattara’s regime.

FPI Coordination in exile would therefore like to:

- denounce that escalating of the demonization of President Gbagbo, his family and his party,

- publicly denounce this attempt by the UN to certify a false conspiracy to extradite the Ivorian exiles and face torture,

- denounce RFI once again for being used as an instrument of demonization of Gbagbo supporters,

- denounce the Françafrican network whose sole purpose is the creation of permanent insecurity in West Africa to make the heinous trade; weapons against raw material.

FPI Coordination reaffirms its commitment to a peaceful transition to democracy and peaceful methods of conflict resolution and therefore calls on:

- M.OUATTARA to abandon the dead end of the false and engage in the search for a genuine reconciliation, effective and sustainable. This reconciliation goes through the release of President Laurent Gbagbo, of all political and military prisoners, the safe return of the exiles.

- Invite the UN whose credibilty in the Ivorian opinion is heavily flawed to return to the core values ​​that have been the foundation of his creation and work for healing and reconciliation.

- Reassure the Ghanaian authorities and the international community of our commitment to finding a political solution to the Ivorian crisis through negotiation.

FPI Coordination in Exile calls upon all Ivorian for the advent of the rule of law in order to prevent further tragedies in our country.


For the FPI Coordination in Exile, the Spokesman

Dr. Assoa Adou

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