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Zoom on the UN's Media, dodgy NGO and mafia in Ivoiry Coast

248534_431244880243885_104687980_n.jpgRFI, AFP and all the lying medias as well as all the so called NGO's involved in false reports have to be punished ......enough is enough


The recent accusations of the FPI by RFI(Radio France Internationale) hide a lot of things ....  It's not a  secret that happening in Cote D'ivoire is manipulated by the UN and France on behalf of the multinationals so lets get out of the political correctness and expose the the lies. Mr Bert Koenders h and his institution are responsible for the genocide in Ivory Coast and that's all ... diplomacy must be used in its context and not when we are dealing with criminals. When the UNOCI spokesperson Sylvie Sylvie van den Wildenberg, " says it is important not to mix things up and pay attention to attempts to" stunts "coming from the West towards Africa." Warning there are a UN and an independent experts should make a clear distinction between the UN and independent experts who report to the Security Council  commanded by  the latter, in this present case at none of the moment  is about the UN experts as reported in the press, reports of independent experts are their own views  and not the UN who study them once received. "Either she's a real good actor and liar as the rest of the mafia she representing  or she is completely ignorant and should be silent in regard to this subject. France for several years was presiding the General Secretariat operations peacekeeping at the UN Security Council .. The French succeed to the French at  this post ..... We also know that the UN  now is  led by the U.S. and France, France thus being permanently at the General Secretariat of the operation of peacekeeping the CS handles  so-called investigations of independent experts (often pseudo NGOs actually French secret service). Now knowing  that RFI / AFP are part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs section communication / secret service ( it is logical that these pseudo independent experts pass the docs  to their colleagues of the  secret service under the guise RFI) . So when  a Parisien spy makes a rag on RFI(Radio France Internationale the French governmental media) to deflect the fact that France  through the UN is trying to manipulate another massacre in sight  which that lady of UNOCI pretends to not know or do not know for real (if given the benefit of doubt) doesn't change anything the truth... These are the same lies of the French spies disguised as journalists and the NGO  independent experts on which was  designed all resolutions of the Security Council of the UN   on Ivory Coast and the another attempt to use the same tactic is on the way with this lie. Many of us did not  know at the time  that dealing with the UN was to engage with a criminal Mafia organization. France has proposed itself as an impartial force  yet   until now continues to initiate and draft  resolutions against the Ivory Coast. The worse is that knowing the economical interests of France in Cote D'ivoire we should wonder why the UN would violate its owe charter regarding neutrality and impartiality by including France in the impartial force in Ivory Coast ? The answer is that only the  mafia could grant credit and much of this mafia is in the General Secretariat of  peacekeeping at  the UNSC  we name France.



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