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Fake coup d’état of Lida and Katé, Ouattara’s pawn arrested in Accra

Tsikata, espion de ouattar, faux complotReport compiled by Cesar Etou (

(In l’Alternative ivorian’s newspaper N°2 of September12, 2012)

In his desire to crackdown on all Ivorian political refugees in Ghana and elsewhere, Alassane Ouattara and his regime ended up sticking themselves a finger in the eye. The scenario of a coup plot mounted by them to lure soldiers and civilians in exile just failed. In the case which led to the Togolese government to the shamefully extradition of Minister Lida Kouassi and attract Lieutenant Colonel Katé Gnatoa in an ambush in Abidjan, their accomplice was arrested in Accra. The scandal has been made public in President John Dramani’s country today. We had access to the file.

His name is Prosper Tao Tsikata, nicknamed Chairman. Arrested by the Ghanaian police, after a careful research, on July 13, 2012, he did not take long to confess. Originally from Togo but not related to the respectable and honorable Kodjo Tsikata of Togo, Chairman Tsikata is rather the ugly kind of high street robber. It is for sure this quality that has enabled him to be "hired" by the high Ivorian authorities, including our super policeman, Hamed Bakayoko, on behalf of the Ivorian head of state, Alassane Ouattara. Objective: put in place a plot scenario in which the actors should be the military authorities and other pro-Gbagbo exiled in Ghana. The operation was planned to convince Ghanaian authorities to expel from their territory all the Ivorian refugees soaked in the "coup" against their country, Côte d'Ivoire.

Chairman Tsikata had the job profile. At his disposal, there are many young Liberians ready to accomplish his dirty work (fraud, trafficking of all kinds and even murder). During his trips in Abidjan, he has always been housed by the current Minister of State, Minister of the Interior, Hamed Bakayoko in a hotel not far from the headquarters of the PDCI-RDA in Cocody. A luxury vehicle of Hamler type is always made available to him at everyone of his trips. Because, in Côte d'Ivoire, in addition to Hamed Bakayoko, Chairman Tsikata has the financial support of Ibrahim Ouattara, the younger brother of Alassane Ouattara, the acting director of finance of the presidency under his elder brother. He is nicknamed “photocopy” for his facial resemblance with his elder brother, the head of state. This clearly demonstrates all the proximity between the Ivorian President and Chairman. But what is it really?

Initially, an Hollywoodian deal between Tsikata and Hamed Bakayoko ...

According to the confessions obtained by police in Ghana, Chairman Tsikata was approached by Hamed Bakayoko, Minister of State, and Minister of the Interior of Côte d'Ivoire. Nicknamed Ham'Bak for its close friends and the singers of Congolese Rumba, he was offered almost the following deal:

As Alassane Ouattara has failed in his attempts to convince the Government of Ghana to extradite Ivorians refugees in Ghana, Chairman  Tsikata  was called in to help put in place a pseudo coup d’état against the regime of Abidjan. Ouattara needed these kinds of evidence to force Ghanaian authorities to execute the numerous arrest warrants issued against pro-Gbagbo exiled on the Ghanaian territory. In diplomatic circles of the sub-region, it is said, but it is really not confirmed that Alassane Ouattara showed a DVD, "proof of conspiracy" at a ECOWAS meeting to accuse Ghana and he even threaten to bring this country to the UN for its lack of cooperation in the muscled process of peacemaking in Côte d'Ivoire. Is this aspect of the scenario true or is it a prediction of what has not been executed? No one knows.

Still, Chairman Tsikata, owner of an illegal private security company, unreported in the books of the Ghanaian government, has agents in the neighborhoods of Accra to gather information on Ivorian refugees in Ghana. It is by this means he was able to contact Lieutenant Colonel Katé Gnatoa, then in exile in Ghana, from whom he initially requested a large sum of money to supposedly make a coup d’état in Côte d'Ivoire. Because very quickly Tsikata realized that in their atrocious sufferings of exile caused by the war waged by the coalition (Franco and UN) in Côte d'Ivoire, some Ivorian military exiled in Ghana were not opposed to a revenge attack on Ouattara. Faced with the refusal of Colonel Katé for both the money it does not have and for the coup, Chairman Tsikata offers to finance everything himself, provided an agreement is signed between him and the beneficiaries of the planned coup. In addition, Tsikata said that the Ivorian military officers living in Ghana had no active role to play in the scenario of the coup because he had at its disposal 800 mercenaries already positioned in Abidjan to do the "job."

Obviously, Katé Gnatoa yields to temptation, as the man seems determined to help Ivorians who want to "fix" the humiliation made to the Ivorian army. Along the way, some Ivorian military also bite the bait. Katé is their leader. Others express their disagreement for this operation as it is not in their vision. They try to discourage those "convinced" by chairman Tsikata, in vain. At the end, a message proclaiming a coup d’état in Côte d'Ivoire is recorded and burned on a DVD. The shooting took place in the office of Chairman Tsikata.

From the outset, the man rubs his hands and immediately informs the sponsors of the operation in Abidjan, that is to say Hamed Ouattara and Ibrahim Bakayoko nicknamed photocopy that the plan is on track to success. According to the confession made by Chairman Tsikata, the two stage directors and producers of the film travel to Accra to give him money, taken from the Ivorian taxpayer pockets. It is with this money that Chairman Tsikata was able to make military uniforms by a tailor in Ghana, buy military footwear, obtain the Ivorian flag and put in place a setting worth a Hollywood script: Photo montage with personalities such as Presidents Obama, George Bush, late Atta Mills, the Queen of England, etc.. Just to lure his victims. The whole scene took place in his office. It is in his office that the military officers dressed in uniforms and wore the shoes provided by him. After the completion of the video shooting, Chairman Tsikata recovered uniforms and shoes and kept them to himself. The video obtained should be used for the message of the coup on the Ivorian TV, RTI, after the "coup."

Then things get stuck ...

After the recording of the "coup message," Tsikata Chairman insisted before the chief candidates of the coup, Colonel Katé, to keep the DVD. This is the evidence that Ouattara and his regime were dreaming of and it is the source of all the wealth Chairman Tsikata sought to draw from the Ivorian treasury through Hamed Bakayoko and Photocopy. However, once the DVD produced, Katé, refuses to leave the disk in the hands of the executive producer, Tsikata. The Ivorian officer, visited by a late and fleeting lucidity, became suspicious of Chairman’s insistence. But instead of putting the DVD in a safe place and wait, he gave it to someone called Pierre who travelled from Accra to Abidjan, surely "to prepare the ground." Of course, Chairman Tsikata joined him at the district of Marcory, precisely at the supermarket “Cape Sud”, and took the DVD reassuring his victims that everything was ready for the operation and that he has the responsibility to take the DVD to the TV station where everything was already organized and planned. The DVD landed, in reality, in the hands of Hamed Bakayoko and Photocopy. Then, was remaining the trap to set up and get  Katé Gnatoa and his companions.


Let’s go for the "coup"

Once the DVD given to his sponsors and buyers, Chairman Tsikata returned to Ghana, rent a boat and organized what could be called "the march of mutineers on Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire." On board the boat, there were Chairman himself with one of his acolytes, Lt-Colonel Katé and Captain Zadi. During the trip, Chairman Tsikata is constantly in communication. With each call, he replied, "I call back" or "I'm not far". Finally, the boat stops at Alf Asssinie and from there, passengers boarded a Pick up 4x4 to get to hotel Petit Bassam, in Abidjan. Then Chairman Tsikata and his sidekick will book rooms for the two military officers. This formality, during which they left their companions aboard the 4x4 lasts 30 minutes. When they return to the car, they just gave the room numbers to the two military officers and drove away at full speed. All those who know Katé and Zadi would believe that this is good political marketing operation led by the authorities in Abidjan who were, once again, going to celebrate on TV "the return of two other pro-Gbagbo military officers because of Ouattara’s policy of outstretched hand, the first real chance of the Côte d'Ivoire. " The song is known here ...

Captain Zadi found very suspicious the atmosphere in the hotel lobby. He then refused to join his room. For a coup, everything seems too class with Chairman Tsikata’s bookings, he noticed. He has even attracted the attention of Lt. Colonel Katé. But the "chief mutineer" is too involved and did not want to follow. It is even Katé who is trying to reassure Zadi: "There will be nothing!", he said. But that does not reassure the captain Zadi. Who withdrew from the site to observe from a distance. He had flair. Five (5) minutes after Zadi left the hotel site, he saw gunmen entering the hotel. Then gunshots tear the air. Lt. Colonel Katé had fallen into the trap. Seriously injured, he was arrested. The Ivorians all know what happened then.

 June 12, 2012, in a One Man Show on TV, as he likes it, Hamed Bakayoko brandished Katé and Lida Kouassi as the brains of a foiled coup. The film produced by Tsikata and the message delivered by Katé is projected. But everything is too good and too light to convince the Ivorians. Starting with Ouattara’s government itself. The Council of Ministers that followed Ham’Bak’s show, any official statement was not produce to congratulate the Ivorian super policeman or to give information on the event and the action that would be taken. At most, Ouattara will have drawn one and shameful benefit from this mounted coup d’état: He got the illegal extradition of Moise Lida Kouassi from Togo. But originally arrested, deported, tortured and humiliated for "proved coup", the former Minister of State, Minister of Defense of President Gbagbo, Moses Lida Kouassi, is now ultimately prosecuted for "economic crimes."

 As for the Government of Ghana, the real recipient or target of the operation, it has not left itself impressed by the exhibition of Hamed Bakayoko on the Ivorian TV. The scenario of the facts as related by him, with the support of the so called “proof” filmed, was so grotesque that it has forced the Government of the late Ghanaian President Atta Mills to use its own intelligence to better understand the situation. June 25, 2012, with the written testimony of a French secret agent published by the daily newspaper “Notre Voie”, the Ghanaian government found ground to investigate the matter. Ghanaian police arrested Mr Tsikata. The man revealed everything about the false conspiracy mounted by the Ouattara regime to get the Ivorian refugees in Ghana. In the country of the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the Pan-Africanist, the scandal of Tsikata’s arrest was leaked by a local newspaper "The Insight" which, in its issue of Friday 31 August to Sunday, September 2, 2012, number 1417, made it its Headline titled: "Arrested: Agent of Ivorian security in BNI hands”.

The truth is that the Ivorians in exile in Ghana do not organize coups. Hamed Bakayoko’s political striptease made on TV was a media show mounted in order to convince the Ghanaian authorities to force Ivorian refugees in Ghana back to Cote d’Ivoire. Will the Ghanaian authorities draw all diplomatic and legal consequences of the Ivorian authorities’ attitude on their territory? Wait and see.

C.Etou (

(In l’Alternative ivorian’s newspaper N°2 of September12, 2012)

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